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Visio-4 Features

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Traffic Light Colours to Indicate Status

Colours speak a thousand words especially when system critical parameters deviate from their specified or pre-defined levels. The trademark feature of the Visio4 is the ability to display Green when everything is normal, Amber when the critical parameter is starting to deviate and Red when in full alarm.
This feature is fully configurable thereby allowing the end-user to decide the warning and alarm thresholds as well as the delay times if required.

Slim Design and Coloured Display

The Visio4 display boasts a brushed stainless steel bezel and a high resolution capacitive touchscreen. The 2mm dust resistant bezel has 2 countersunk stainless steel screws for easy mounting whilst maintaining an esthetically pleasing finish.
The touchscreen itself measures 4.3” and displays 262k colours at a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. The backbox is a mere 46mm deep and is easily secured in a partition wall where all the cables can be easily installed out of sight.

Intuitive Interface using Icons and Simple Menus

Touchscreens are now the norm on most electronic devices both at the consumer level and industrial market sectors. Because of this we expect ICON menu buttons which is exactly what the Visio4 has to enable seamless navigation of all product features and options.

Whether you have one parameter to display or four parameters to display the Visio-4 has multiple options for your application. A cleanroom would typically have Pressure, Temperature and Rel-humidity sensors so the Visio-4 can be configured as a 3 channel.
This configuration is done by setting 2 dip switches at the rear of the unit at the time when the unit is initially setup.

As can be seen here, the Visio4 can be setup as a single channel which displays a single reading or can be setup with 2, 3 or 4 channels. The pictures show what each screen looks like.
The user can also temporarily disable all channels which invokes the screen  "This room is currently not in use".

Comprehensive Alarm Configurations

The Visio-4 has multiple options when it comes to providing a Warning or Alarm to the personnel that need to know the system status.

●    Traffic Light Colours to indicate System status.
●    Flashing screen messages indicating the Alarm.
●    Audible Alarm which can be muted locally or remotely.
●    Electrical contacts to connect to a Building management System.

Easy Configuration Screens

When it comes to setting up the Visio-4 it is very intuitive and does not require any instruction manual. The screen below is used when setting up a sensor and inserting any calibration offsets.

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